In-App Refresh Updates

Keeping computer software up to date could present challenges for users and businesses. The whole idea of offering updates is to constantly better the core value and functionality of a software then, deliver it to users as intuitively as possible. Strangely, it tends to feel like I’m forcing my way through more steps to get through the update process.

We want users to get the most from using our training simulations. That means we need to deliver new versions of our software to them as soon as possible.. Not only do we want to notify our users of an update but, we made a process refreshes files during run-time. The application never quits. The idea is that it be just like loading a browser page.


In this latest update 0.4.3 we introduce, “Refresh Updates” which notifies users of an existing newer version of VAS before starting a session and allows them to download it to be used during run-time. If the internet connection is slow, users may continue using the app until the process completes.



What this means for Schools or Businesses?

This was an interesting problem to solve for businesses where computer labs generally have “Freeze States” on their computers. The computer restores to a backup every time it is started or restarted. That means any downloaded updates would be lost if a computer restores to a freeze state. Worse of all, someone would have to put in the hours to manually setup all the machines.

There can be shortcuts but, the manual process typically includes:

  1. Unlocking Computer from freeze mode.
  2. Downloading
  3. Installing
  4. Activate
  5. Restarting Computer to Verify
  6. Lock Computer to new frozen state

Most of our partner schools have computers that refresh to a prior state every time they log-in. This creates an obstacle for them to keep up with the most recent versions of Virtual Analog Studio. With the new “Refresh Update”, IT personnel wont have to spend hours updating campus computers. The changes would appear without a new activation process. Even if the computer cleans to a previous backup, there is option to run the latest version of VAS without saving it offline.

Many learning centers around the world offer computer labs with cutting edge technology. Updating the software is a common obstacle for each entity. We want to offer the benefits of higher processing with standalone software utilizing the benefits of the web where needed. We’re committed to empowering audio education and are pleased to be conquering this obstacle.

Download VAS2d – Click Here!