Virtual Studio XR: New Online Multi-User Collaboration Released

In a monumental breakthrough for distance learning of signal flow, multiple users can now work together on the same sessions in real time with Virtual Studio. The mechanics are similar to a collaborative google doc or online multiplayer game. It is the first of it’s kind for a native pro audio application that is well suited for education.

Users can login from anywhere in the world and practice with one another. A colored cursor is given to each user that is visible to all others in the session. Adjusting a parameter will be synced globally across users. The software runs natively on a local machine and is synced via the cloud. There is no transfer of audio data only the session data.

This feature was first tested with the Paradox Institute in Ecuador. Gorki an educator and long time user of Virtual Studio. It was only fitting that he be the first to this extraordinary feature. See the moments play out in the latest development diary.

Setting Up The Session

Step 1: Enter the Collab Mode lobby via session settings

Step 2: A user nickname is entered to connect to the servers.

Step 3: Choose method to create or join a session.

Option 1: Create a new room that others users may join

Option 2: Join a random room (skip to step 4)

Option 3: Room List

Step 4: All players click ready and the host launches the session

That’s it! We are now both connected to same session. Our position is indicated by the colored cursors. It really works just like a collaborative google doc or a multiplayer video game.

The important thing to understand is that VirtualStudio is running native on each users local machine. The session parameters are synced via the cloud. All audio processing takes places on each users machine independently.


In the moments we were collaborating, there was no sense of feeling we were on zoom watching the screen. Both of us were able to position ourselves in the environment where ever we felt comfortable. We always knew what the other was pointing at. The sense of getting “lost” did not occur.

Collab Mode opens a whole new door in audio education potentials for distance learning. The element of hands on has never been so accessible. This feature is now available.

Learn more about Virtual Studio XR: