“The Audyssey Console” – A Full Journey of Signal Flow

The wait is over!!

All spring/summer we met with educators who were looking to increase student access to console training. The pandemic spared no institution as each program was considering new tools for their courses. Educators found success with SoundcheckPro in their evaluations and delivery. As of Fall 2020, SoundcheckPro had found home in over 30 institutions worldwide and even more use the free edition.

One highly requested feature was an in-line console. Educators consistently asked for timeline and if it would be released this semester… The answer is YES and it is now available.

Introducing “The Audyssey” console offering the complete coverage of signal flow with both channel-path & monitor-path displayed on a single channel strip. Audyssey is completely compatible with our existing session environment. All console and sessions functions behave as expected.

The Complete Flexibility You Expect

From mic panel… to channel path… to DAW input… and back onto the monitor path… the full journey of signal flow is present in the Audyssey. On top of all that, both the console and patchbay routing are EXTREMELY flexible. The channel & monitor paths each have their own patchpoints! There is no where one can’t go with these new abilities.

The Audyssey requires a paid subscription to SoundcheckPro (here)

What’s Different in Session Mode?

The one difference is the new patchbay. The left hand side is now Mic/Line and the right side is now Tape! Each side has dedicated insert send & returns! This corresponds to the inserts available for the small and large fader paths. Speaking of the devil, the EQ bands can be divided to either the small or large fader path! A whole new set of adventures of signal flow have opened.

The 1st phase of the patchbay for Audyssey

Channel vs Monitor Path

In-line consoles are unique in that they have 2 faders on each channel strip to use as both RECORDING path and MIXING paths. Another term for these paths is the CHANNEL & MONITOR path.

The Channel Path is for recording live performances. On the Audyssey the SMALL FADER (SF) represents this path. This path is also fed to artist headphones at an independent volume then that of the Small Fader. The goal is to capture sound that is unprocessed at optimal volume to store on tape or in a software. It is desired for this path to be as unprocessed so that we can keep utilise the raw performance. This recorded signal is then returned back to the console and fed to the LARGE FADER section.

The Monitor path is for signals returning from the DAW to be further processed. Here one can add more effects or processing knowing the original signal is being recorded from the channel path. Once desired processing is achieved, more signals can be introduced to the artist headphones, merging the channel and monitor path uses.

Why release The Audyssey right now?

While educators are evaluating and implementing SoundcheckPro into their classes this semester, we wanted them to be able to consider an in-line console should they have use for it. We could have waited for the middle of semester but, that leave the possibility of not be able to fully use it in courses this semester and possibly leave little time to prepare for next semester. Figured better earlier than later.

Note!~ Audyssey is in preview mode right now. Meaning we’re still working on improving performance and opening up more features on the console.

Start Your Audyssey Today!

The Audyssey requires a paid subscription to SoundcheckPro (here)